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February 24, 2024 Seo Engine Optimization

Why is Off-Page SEO a Very Important Part of SEO Strategy?

Regarding SEO, both on-page and off-page factors are essential for success. However, many businesses focus mostly on on-site optimization and neglect the importance of off-page SEO.

At Matebiz Pvt Ltd, off-page SEO remains incredibly valuable and should be a core part of every SEO strategy today. This Blog will explore why high-impact off-page SEO is critical for top search rankings and traffic growth.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to activities happening away from your website, mainly focused on link building. This includes:

  • Backlink acquisition from other sites
  • Link anchor text optimization
  • Link velocity monitoring
  • Link reclamation for lost/broken backlinks
  • Disavowing toxic backlinks
  • Link diversity and quality analysis

While on-page SEO covers your site content, structure, and technical factors, off-page focuses on your presence on other authoritative sites.

Why Off-Page SEO Matters

Off-page optimization might seem invisible, but it directly impacts search performance. High-quality backlinks are critical because they:

  • Send authority signals – Links from trusted sites pass on “link juice” to your pages, signaling expertise.

  • Enhance keyword relevance – Anchor text links boost association with target keywords.

  • Improve domain authority – More backlinks improve your overall domain authority and trust.

  • Drive referral traffic – Quality links send new visitors to your site from click-throughs.

  • Dilute toxic links – Good links help offset any wrong links pointing to your site.

In short, backlink building makes your site appear more reputable to search engines like Google, supporting higher rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Off-Page SEO Remains Vital for Rankings

Some argue backlinks matter less today with innovations like RankBrain and BERT that analyze page content more directly. However, we’ve found through our SEO consulting that off-page optimization remains vital for outperforming competitors.

Here’s why off-page SEO is still critical:

Direct Ranking Factor

Google has clearly stated backlinks remain one of the most vital ranking signals. While relevancy and user experience matter, Google still relies heavily on quality links.

Essential for Competitive Industries

Analyzing top performers reveals most continue building links aggressively, especially in competitive spaces like law, finance, and SaaS. Link building remains key to outranking rivals.

Limits of AI

AI, like RankBrain, needs the real-world context humans have. Backlinks provide external validation that current AI cannot fully replace despite advances.

On-Page Factors Have Limits

On-page SEO, like content and site speed, remain vital, but more is needed. The external vote of confidence from backlinks is still required for top rankings.

For these reasons, we prioritize off-page optimization in our client SEO campaigns.

Best Off-Page SEO Tactics

Of course, not all links are created equal. Low-quality links from unrelated sites can damage your rankings.

Here are intelligent off-page SEO practices we follow:

Quality Over Quantity

A handful of authoritative, relevant links outweigh lots of weak links. Prioritize respected, closely related sites.

Contextual Anchor Text

Avoid over-optimization with exact keywords. Natural phrasing like “dog training” is better than “dog training courses.”

Content Promotion

Create beneficial, share-worthy content like tools, studies, and guides. Promote via outreach to drive links.

Link Diversity

Vary link types (editorial, directories, mentions, etc.), topics, and anchor text. This looks more natural.

Monitor Toxic Links

Watch for sketchy links from low-quality sites. Document or disavow them as needed.

Take It Slow

Build links at a gradual, steady pace to avoid penalties. No blasting spam outreach.

With the right strategy, off-page optimization can drive significant organic visibility and traffic growth. Next, we’ll explore proven tactics.

Off-Page SEO Tactics That Get Results

Here are some of the most effective off-page SEO techniques Matebiz Pvt Ltd execute a secure high-quality backlinks:

Outreach Campaigns

Targeted blogger outreach pitching relevant story ideas can secure placements in articles and roundups. We track down ideal contacts, personalize emails, and follow up politely.

Contributor Columns

Getting your brand featured as a guest expert through contributed articles on authoritative sites links directly back to your site.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with credible brands in your industry allows you to swap valuable links, share content, and expand reach.

Resource Pages

Creating rankings and lists related to your niche lets others link to reference your research.


Interviewing recognized experts who already link to others can earn powerful, authoritative backlinks.

Brand Mentions

Earning natural mentions by doing great work builds diverse, trustworthy links.

The key is pursuing high-impact link-building strategies consistently over time. Patience and persistence pay off most here.

Why You Still Need On-Page SEO Too

While off-page SEO drives more authority and direct links, on-page optimization remains equally crucial.

Here are key on-page factors we optimize as well:

  • Keywords – Careful keyword placement in titles, headers, content, and metadata ensures pages align with high-intent searches.
  • Content – Our writers produce informative, engaging content targeting searcher needs and answering their questions.
  • Page Speed – Our dev team works to minimize page loading times through image compression, caching, code optimization, and more. Faster sites rank better.
  • UX – We design and test our sites for maximum usability through simple navigation, quality content layouts, and compelling calls to action. Better experience means more engagement.
  • Technical – Maintaining sound internal linking, proper alt text, site maps, AMP pages, and structured data improves how search bots crawl and comprehend our sites.

With both on-page and off-page factors covered, we can drive more client search visibility and conversions. There must be more than off-page activity to replace on-site solid SEO.

The Takeaway: Prioritize Off-Page SEO

Third-party links remain incredibly powerful for SEO success. At Matebiz Pvt Ltd, we make off-page optimization a priority by:

  • Securing authoritative, relevant links through innovative outreach and promotion
  • Monitoring anchor text diversity and link velocity
  • Disavowing risky links when needed
  • Combining link building with on-page best practices

We can boost clients’ organic search visibility, traffic, and conversions by amplifying external signals while optimizing on-site factors. Off-page SEO retains immense value today.

Do you need to pay attention to link building? Feel free to contact us to help improve your SEO strategy and leverage off-page opportunities. Consistent execution can drive significant growth.