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November 23, 2022 Entertainment


On the island of Mallorca, the diving center known as Petro Divers is among the most well-known. Many years ago, they made their home in Porto Petro, located in the southeast corner of Mallorca, close to Santanyi and Cala d’Or. The Dive Centre Mallorca is situated near the small port of Porto Petro, and the many dive boats that can accommodate as many as 12 divers are just a few steps away from the center.

Naturally, opportunities are always available to create trips for larger parties, including those with 24 divers or more. Please let us know in advance. The Petro Divers are the perfect place to get your scuba diving adventure off the ground on Mallorca’s stunning southeast coast. After the dive and a refreshing shower, you can reward yourself with a deco beer, lemonade, or a few snacks in the center. 


Then, proceed to try out the various culinary options that Porto Petro offers in addition to the great shops there. A brand-new Bauer compressor at Petro Divers ensures the highest possible level of air quality, and if you so desire, you can rent high-quality gear from Scubapro and Aqualung from us. Petro Divers is a cutting-edge dive center with top-of-the-line equipment. As they have been given the Covid 19 safety certification, you can feel entirely at ease while diving with us. Experience the best cave diving in Mallorca.

They will pick you and your diving gear up from your hotel in our new shuttle bus at no additional cost and bring you back to your hotel after you’ve finished diving. However, there are also many places to stay near our base, which means you can begin the day with a pleasant stroll along the picturesque port of Porto Petro and then walk to the city’s center.

The dive boat is likewise spanking new, and its 225-horsepower Yamaha engine makes it feel like an actual rocket. Due to its nearly 8-meter length, it can swiftly transport up to 12 divers and a two-person crew to some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the Southeast quickly. After the dive, climbing back up the boarding ladder is a delight because it is both comfortable and wide. 

The mooring is conveniently located a short distance away from the main building. There is always the option of organizing diving trips for 24 people or more parties if it is a large enough group. If you want to come with a larger group, please let us know in advance so they can make appropriate arrangements.

The diving off the coast of Mallorca and cave diving in Mallorca are often regards as some of the best in the Mediterranean. When people think of Mallorca, they typically only think of mass tourism and Ballermann, so it often surprises them the first time they see the Mediterranean island from below the surface. 

There are so many natural parks and nature reserves in Mallorca, so it is considered one of the most exciting diving areas in the Mare Nostrum. In recent years, the administration of Mallorca has done an excellent job of protecting its natural environment and preserving it for the benefit of future generations. The Dive Centre Mallorca is the best and offers fantastic services.


Underwater canyons, caves that look like cathedrals, sunken stalactite caves, and cave labyrinths that meander through the water like Swiss cheese extending over the rock are all worth many extensive dives on their own. The incredibly diverse underwater landscapes start with a turquoise sea, white sandy bottom, sheltered Neptune grass bottoms, and bizarre rock formations.

They continue to underwater canyons, caves that look like cathedrals, and sunken stalactites, But that’s not the end. Anyone who has ever dives through a school of hundreds of barracudas in the Reserva Marina Del Migjorn nature park southwest of Porto Petro or near Cabrera, or discovered the scorpionfish during a night dive, will soon no longer be surprised by the constant encounters with octopuses, carpet rays, groupers, Moray eels, conger eels, slipper lobsters, hermit crabs, and lobsters. These encounters are commonplace.


You might also see sunfish, dolphins, and even seahorses if you’re very fortunate; however, you’ll need to keep your eyes wide open to do so, particularly in the natural parks, where at first, all you’ll see is fish soup. The presence of gold welts, damselfish, gaff mackerel, and, particularly in the fall, incredibly vast schools of tuna and jacks are an experience in and of themselves, and some exciting wrecks are just waiting to be discover.

Even sperm whales appear from time to time, which nobody expected to see in Mallorca. In addition, during the middle of summer, water temperatures can reach up to 29 degrees, which makes cave diving Mallorca a uniquely beneficial activity for one’s health.

This diving area, which can be reach from the majority of major cities in Europe in a little over two hours on extremely affordable flights, also provides everything that one could want in a vacation destination to cater to their individual preferences.