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November 28, 2022 Entertainment

Which Is The Best Diving Center In Mallorca For A Diving Course?

When it comes to professional training divers, Scubanautic has a vast amount of experience. Working with their team daily will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the operations in a well-run dive facility. Their Cursos de buceo Mallorca primary focus is on providing their trainees with consistent and individualized instruction to prepare them for careers as independent diving professionals. As a team member, you will assist by teachers, participate in regular projects, maintain a high level of consistency in the water, and develop the self-assurance and qualities necessary for a future career in diving.

The scuba diving professionals that they prepare for careers in the industry consistently rank among the highest in subsequent instructor evaluations. Both novice and experienced divers will find that Scubanautic Drivers is the ideal site for diving. PADI and SSI are the world’s most well-known and respected diving organizations. 

Their training follows the most recent versions of their respective regulations and standards. In their scuba diving school, their bilingual instructors and other staff members ensure that their students have a pleasant environment, products of the highest quality, and service.

You and your teacher will discuss the dives you choose at the Tauchschule Mallorca. You need to complete both a Deep dive and an Underwater Navigation dive, after which you will select three different adventure dives to get your total number of dives up to five.


PADI will let you finish one advanced or adventure dive at a time if you need more time to finish the entire advanced course. Because local diving circumstances vary from place to place, not all PADI centers can provide the complete spectrum of PADI adventure dives.

Before you can begin, you must obtain either a PADI Open Water Diver certification or a PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification from any PADI diving organization. These certifications demonstrate that you have participated in a minimum of four open-water dives.

On the island of Mallorca, the diving center known as Scubanautic is among the most well-known. Many years ago, they made their home in Porto Scubanautic, located in the southeast corner of Mallorca, close to Santanyi and Cala d’Or. The dive center is situated near the small port of Porto Scubanautic, and the vast dive boat that can accommodate as many as 12 divers is just a few steps away from the center. Naturally, opportunities are always available to create trips for larger parties, including those with 24 divers or more. 


The Scubanautic is the perfect place to get your Tauchen Mallorca adventure off the ground on its stunning southeast coast. After the dive and a refreshing shower, you can reward yourself with a deco beer, a deco lemonade, or a few snacks in the center and then proceed to try out the various gastronomic options that Porto Scubanautic has to offer in addition to the fantastic shops that are there. 

The brand-new Bauer compressor at Scubanautic ensures the highest possible level of air quality, and if you so choose, you may rent high-grade gear from Scubapro and Aqualung from us. Scubanautic is a cutting-edge dive facility with top-of-the-line equipment. They have been given the Covid 19 safety certification; you can feel entirely at ease while diving with us.


It is well known far beyond the borders that the island’s culinary advantages are well known, and it is a well-kept secret that the wines of Majorca are among the best in all of Spain. There are also countless options directly at the Scubanautic for those who prefer the deco beer. Still, you can let the day’s experiences pass you by with your buddy on the terraces of the many bars and restaurants in Porto Scubanautic with a beautiful sea view.

Here, individuals, as well as families or diving clubs, will find ideal accommodation near the diving center of their choice almost everywhere, and non-divers traveling with them won’t have to give up on having a great holiday because of it. This can be a vacation home in the country, an apartment or hotel room right by the sea, or any combination. Try out the Scubanautic, cursos de buceo mallorca!