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February 22, 2023 Others

What You Should Know Before Purchasing and Installing Marble Flooring

Are you all set to install marble flooring? Wait, you should know these things before you proceed. So read on!

There are Numerous Types of Marble Flooring, Which Can Be Classified Into Three Major Groups

Marble flooring tiles are available in a variety of colors and surface patterns. Veining refers to the contrasting color lines that run through the surface and can be heavy and pronounced or delicate and barely noticeable. While there are over a hundred different types of marble, there are three main categories, with each type distinguished by its appearance.

  • Carrara: This popular white marble flooring option was used in ancient Greece and Rome for centuries, appearing in massive pillars and elaborate statues. Carrara marble flooring tiles are now available in a limited palette of colors ranging from light to warm white, with medium to light grey veining on the surface.
  • Calacatta: A white marble similar to Carrara, Calacatta is lighter in color and has darker grey veining, creating a contrasting look.
  • Breccia: If black marble floors have smitten you, you’re probably looking at Breccia. Breccia marble is more colorful and warm than Carrara and Calacutta marble. It comes in various deeper hues, including warm golds, tans, deep browns, black, and reds. Breccia marble’s dark grey and black veining appear in ornate swirls and frequently include perfectly round outlines resembling bubbles trapped beneath the surface.

Marble Flooring Isn’t Always Gleaming, and It Shouldn’t Be

The above marble types can be finishe in either a high gloss or a matte finish, depending on the location.

Polish marble: The most popular type of marble flooring has a high-gloss finish that is achieves by grinding the surface with a stone-polishing machine. Polishing marble brings out the veining and gives the floor a radiant, luxurious appearance. Polished marble will retain its reflective finish for many years if properly maintained.

Honed marble is only lightly polish to produce a flat, smooth surface but not enough to create a shine. Honed marble floor tile provides a long-lasting surface with a soft matte finish that some people prefer over flashier polished marble.

Do Not DIY Marble Flooring Unless You Have Prior Tile-Setting Experience

As with ceramic and porcelain tiles, homeowners who are familiar with basic tile-laying techniques can save a significant amount of money by installing their own marble floors. If you’ve never laid tiles before, you’re better off hiring a professional tile setter. If you decide to do it yourself, keep the following tips in mind:

The subfloor must be perfectly flat, with no dips or bumps that could interfere with the tile installation. If the floor isn’t flat, a self-levelling compound can be used to fill in dips and smooth the surface.

Marble tiles should be installed over a moisture-resistant cement board underlayment. Tile cannot be installing on regular plywood subfloors.

Marble tiles can be butted together tightly for an ultra-smooth appearance, or gaps between the tiles are filled with grout. If you decide to use grout, ensure it is unsanded because sanded grout can scratch the marble during installation.

Repairing Scratches, Stains, and Cracks on Marble Floors Often Necessitates More Than a Marble Floor Repair Kit

Don’t be alarmed if your beautiful marble floors show signs of wear and tear: marble damage is rarely permanent as a natural stone. Savvy DIYers can repair marble floors, but the correct technique and products are requires. If you need more clarification, you should consult a professional. For instance, Wadi Al Mehran assists in the Installation of floor wall tiles and Marbles. Coming back, Marble’s most common flaws are overall dullness and surface scratches. Numerous marble repair kits are available to repair minor scratches and restore a marble floor’s original lustre. A good quality marble polish will suffice: clean the surface and buff it with a damp cloth before applying it. Apply the polish in thin coats, as directed by the manufacturer. Multiple coats of polish may be require to fill in the scratches and restore the shine patience is a virtue when restoring marble.

Hiring a professional to hone and polish excessively worn or scratched floors is best. Wadi Al Mehran can help you a lot. For instance, if you require Installation of floor wall tiles and Marbles, we are the ones you should depend on. Depending on the size and depth of the damage, deeper scratches and chips may necessitate professional marble repair. Chips frequently lead to cracks, which necessitate professional stone restoration. Typically, crack repair entails filling and glueing the crack with a professional-grade adhesive, followed by refinishing and polishing the surface.

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