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May 24, 2023 Travel

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in North Goa for Your Next Vacation in Goa

Goa has two sides. South Goa is quieter and slightly less developed than North Goa. This is your chance to experience the authentic beaches of Goa. Also, the water near the beaches in South Goa is cleaner and bluer than in  North Goa. Soft golden sand covers the shoreline and is lined with colourful makeshift beach shacks and coconut palms, while inland, villages come alive with local restaurants, lively bars and craft stalls. In addition, you have many fun activities  here like kayaking, island hopping, lagoons and much more at both sides. North Goa is a place for party animals and people who are travelling in groups of friends.

You will find that luxury travellers or people who want to relax on  vacation usually head for the cleanest and most tranquil beaches of South Goa.

On the other hand, North Goa is busier and more popular as it hosts markets, nightlife, restaurants and most of the entertainment. Goa Darling offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. However, nowadays it has also become busier and  too commercial. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of Goa at your leisure, North Goa might not be the best option for you. In this article, you will find your top 5 places to stay in North Goa along with amazing beaches and resorts.

  • Casa Anjuna, Goa

The hotel offers a perfect view of the  beach  and the surrounding greenery from every room. Rooms are spacious enough if you are looking for Group tour packages for Goa. The resort is absolutely spacious and you will have an amazing experience here. The rooms are equipped with every comfort. The most popular hotel package  is Rs.6480 for two people.A free breakfast is also included in the price. In the deluxe hotel there are two types of rooms  and super deluxe rooms. They include everything in their Goa holiday package 2 night 3 days.

Location: The beach is close to Anjuna Beach. It is 2 km  from the beach and  can be reached by public and private  transport.

  • SeaHorse Spa and Resort

This resort is located in a beautiful area of ​​Goa just 1 mile from Baga Beach, Sea Horse Resort is probably the best accommodation with a good deal. It is a luxurious stay in rooms designed according to the  old provincial architecture, giving a feeling of extravagance and comfort. Just relax in a poolside hammock and enjoy your favourite beverage at  Sea Horse Resort Goa. In the opposite direction there’s a well known beautiful beach- Calangute Beach. It is approximately 4-5 kms and offers amazing opportunities for water sports like jet skiing, parasailing etc. Book and choose your Goa holiday packages now and enjoy the services.

Location: Baga Arpora, Goa

  • Stonewood riverfront resort, Goa

This is a luxury property  in North Goa. The rooms are luxurious and offer great views of the area. The resort has an outdoor  pool that is open to all guests. In this pool you can take a relaxing bath. The resort also offers different Group tour packages for Goa, depending on the number of people.The most popular package is Rs 5900. This resort is located very close to Anjuna beach. Its prime location among the famous beaches, is one of the reasons why it has earned the spot for best resorts in Goa. It is a walkable distance from the beach. They also provide a Goa holiday package 2 night 3 days with everything included.

Location: Anjuna beach, Goa

  • Baga Hideout Resort

Inside, too, the resort is  very luxurious and opulent. It serves some of the best cuisine in Goa that cannot be denied. The package includes 9,500 rupees for two people. The package comes with a  free breakfast.There are two types of rooms: the deluxe room and the premium room. The price of the package varies depending on the room type chosen.

Location: Baga road, Goa

  • Chalston Beach Resort

This beachfront property is located on the beautiful Calangute Beach. The perfect place to stay, surrounded by the green of the nurseries and  the sand of the Calangute beach. Enjoy the pleasant and sterile stay in rooms that are interesting and simple in layout and style. They provide the best Goa holiday packages including everything. An outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi are available in  public areas of this Chalston Beach resort.

Location: Baga road, Goa 


Tourism is well developed in North Goa, giving the area a unique charm and character. Finding a hotel to stay in North Goa is not a task anymore. You can choose any Goa holiday packages from the resorts/ hotels listed above. Each hotel includes the basic amenities such as outdoor pool, free parking, breakfast of any cuisine etc. Pack your luggage now and enjoy the Group tour packages for Goa, provided by hotels.