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March 14, 2023 Travel

The 5 Pre-Eminent Seafood Restaurants in Goa

The state of Goa is one of the most popular tourist places, the amazing part is that seafood has become the inseparable cuisine of Goa. 

So, if you are booking Goa holiday packages, then having the taste of seafood must be on your list. Moreover, you can find an enormous number of restaurants in Goa serving the best seafood, and the common one is Rice, Curry, and Fish. 

These cuisines are something that no one can get bored of, no matter wherever you go in Goa, seafood will be always on the menu, from succulent crabs to tasty fish, you can have it all. 

Moreover, just for your knowledge, we want you to know that Goa Darling organizes Group Tour Packages for Goa at a very affordable rate, you can also book a Goa holiday package for 2 nights 3 days at your convenience. 

So, moving on, here is our guide to the best and fresh seafood served by the top restaurants. 

Ritz Classic Restaurant and Bar

It is one of the most renowned restaurants in Panjim city that serves the best seafood like the best Fish Thali. 

So, Ritz Classic Restaurant should be always on your list of Goa holiday packages as the culture of love and joy of Goa is celebrated here. 

Moreover, the restaurant has a multi-cuisine menu including Indian, Chinese, Tandoor, and Goan, but the kinds of seafood are always the center of attraction here. 

Also, you can try some famous food like Grilled Kingfish or maybe the famous Goan Thali which includes rice & prawn curry.

The food at this place is just exotic and will make you desire more, you will just get lost in the taste of the famous plates of seafood here.  

Martin’s Corner

If you are planning for Group Tour Packages for Goa, then you must go to Martin’s corner with your buddies. 

You might not have heard the name, or maybe we are only recommending you to go and take a visit to this place. Well, established in the year 1989 as a corner shop, and now it has become a large restaurant serving 300-500 people. 

Moreover, there are chances that you might get to meet some celebrities here, as this is one of their favorite spots to taste the best seafood. 

Well, it’s also a multi-cuisine restaurant, but the seafood is the best, especially the King Crab which is everyone’s favorite. 

Along with that, the squid and prawn masala fry is also the must-try dish here. 

So, just don’t forget to add this restaurant to the list of your Goa holiday package 2 nights and 3 days with Goa Darlings. 

Fisherman’s Wharf

Since its opening in 2005, Fisherman’s Wharf has become a crowd favorite and perhaps the best seafood and multi-cuisine restaurant in South Goa. 

When you enter the hotel, you will find that it has the most enviable location. It is located near the Sal river, you can sit on the wooden terrace overlooking the Sal river and admire the old fishing boats that are not used or used by fishermen. 

The restaurant serves Indian and Chinese cuisine as well as its signature Goan traditional seafood. Well, you must visit this place if you have already planned Goa holiday packages. 

There’s the most-popular King Prawn Recheado, the spicy Prawn Balchao, and Pomfret in butter garlic sauce to slot in your taste buds or you could try the all-time standard Goan Fish Curry with Rice. There is also the bar which serves superb drinks to wash down all the food.

Mum’s Kitchen

Mum’s kitchen was started by a Goan Couple which is a very cozy place  set up on the road connecting Panjim city and Miramar beach. 

The restaurant has always been exceptional in serving the traditional recipes from both the Hindu and Catholic households in Goa. 

So, if you are planning Group Tour Packages for Goa and not visiting this place, then you are missing something very exotic. 

Moreover, some of the unique dishes here are Prawns, Hooman, Lobster Rechado, and Crab Xec Xec. 

Also, the tourists who book the Goa holiday package for 2 nights and 3 days, always prefer to visit this place to try their vegetarian dishes. 

Souza Lobo

In existence since 1937, Souza Lobo is today run by third-generation Lobo family member, Jude Lobo. 

Located on Calangute Beach, the restaurant attracts around 350 to 500 customers every day. Not only the place but the special preparation attracts people from all over Goa, who are on the Goa holiday packages or Group Tour Packages for Goa. 

Expect a smooth server, but you won’t be disappointed. Try the fried shrimp masala. It is a homemade variation of dry shrimp paste cooked with onions and masala. 

You should also try Pulao sausage and steamed crabs, both are delicious. Souza Lobo also offers solo singers and duets every night, taking advantage of this with a bright bar menu with an interesting wine list and high-quality drinks.

So, these were some of the exotic restaurants serving the best seafood in Goa. Moreover, if you are looking for Goa holiday packages, then you must get in touch with Goa Darling, they also provide specific packages at a very affordable rate like the Goa holiday package for 2 nights and 3 days. 

So, you can visit their website and get more info about the trip packages.  Now we wrap up the blog here, if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us.