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November 16, 2022 Service

Need Local Control for Mice and Rats? Al Ameen Pest Control Can Assist!

What do you do when you discover that you have a rodent problem in your house? Do you call the pest control services in your area or do you reach out to a cleaning service to get the job done? With so many options available, it can be hard to decide who can help with controlling mice and rats and deep cleaning services near me. That’s why We have created this guide to help you determine what type of service will help you best eliminate the rats and mice from your home.

Why is having mice and rats around dangerous?

Mice and rats are carriers of many diseases, including hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, toxoplasmosis, giardiasis (a parasitic infection), cryptosporidiosis (a parasitic infection), and rat lungworm. These diseases can be contracted by inhaling the droppings of the rodents or by touching their urine or faces. Even though We carry these diseases to humans, mice still pose a health risk because We can lead to contamination in food products. If you have mice or rats near your home or business then it is best to call a professional pest control service like we offer to help you get rid of them quickly. We offer different services that include mice and rat control near me, pest control, deep cleaning services, as well as termite control. We would love to provide you with a free quote today so that We may better serve your needs!

What are some signs that you have a mice or rat problem?

If you see droppings or hear noises at night, you may have a mice or rat problem. You should also check your kitchen and pantry for food particles or bits of trash that may have attracted the pests. If you find any signs of mice or rats, it’s important to call a pest control professional like Al Ameen Pest Control so We can assess the situation and come up with a plan to resolve the issue. We’ll also inspect all entry points in your home so We can seal them off from further rodent infiltration. 

 If you spot any signs of a mice or rat problem, it’s important to call a professionally best pest control company right away. In addition to removing pests like mice or rats from your home, We’ll inspect all entry points in your house so We can seal them off. Mice can enter through small holes near ground level, while rats are bigger animals that can crawl through openings as large as a one-inch gap near your foundation. The rodents will use these holes and cracks as ways to access food inside your home and then find shelter there too. And if you have pets like cats or dogs, you don’t want them catching any unwanted diseases or pests from an infestation at home.

What are some things you can do to prevent mice and rats from coming into your home or business?

The best way to keep mice and rats out is to make sure there are no food sources available. Store all food in airtight containers, seal up any openings outside your home or business that provide access to the inside of your property, such as gaps around pipes, cracks in foundation walls, broken windows or doors. It is also important that you do not leave pet food out overnight. If you have a rodent problem in your home or business, contact a professional pest control company like Al Ameen Pest Control as soon as possible.

How can Al Ameen Pest Control help you with your mouse and rat problem?

Al Ameen is a pest control company that also provides deep cleaning services. We offer a variety of services to meet our clients’ needs, including Mice and rat control near me, pest control, and deep Deep Cleaning services near me. With our many options to help you with your mouse or rat problem in homes or businesses, We make it easy to find the solution that best fits your needs. So whether you have an emergency situation or just want us to maintain general levels of mouse/rat activity on your property, We will get the job done quickly and efficiently. For peace of mind from unwelcome pests that can destroy your property, give us a call today for more information about how We can help you with all your mice and rat problems!


If you’re looking for help with mice and rat problems, Al Ameen is the company for you. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs, including pest control, deep cleaning, and more. With our many options and expert knowledge, We can find the perfect solution for your home or business. So don’t wait – call us today for a free consultation!