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How to Deep Clean Every Room in Your House

Life can be really hectic, and when you are busy living it, your House welcomes all the dirt and clutter. Homes go through lots of wear and tear throughout the whole year, so deep cleaning is a requisite for your House. However, even the tidiest House required cleaning from time to time. 

Moreover, the process of cleaning might sound overwhelming to you, but all you have to do is break the cleaning process and make it more manageable and less hectic. 

Well, everyone aspires to have a clean and tidy house, but when it comes to cleaning it, it’s quite tedious to find out a way, and you might get lost from where you should start.  

However, every individual can’t take time out from their busy schedule and clean the House, apart from our step to step guide that will aid you in cleaning for sure. We have a group of staff that will help you in cleaning your House from tip to toe. 

Well, you don’t have to handle a penny of panic if you hire HireTradies, we clean your House with a constructive plan and in a very professional way, and that’s why we are considered the top-rated House Cleaning North Shore. 

How Often Should You Clean The House?

If we talk about deep cleaning, it should be followed every 3 to 4 months. Well, some areas in your house need to be cleaned for at least a week, like your kitchen, changing the sheets, vacuuming the rugs, and cleaning out your washroom. 

Moreover, as the season changes, you should clean your house thoroughly, like in the spring season, there is more chance of your house getting dirty. 

Steps to clean the House

As you go through each room in your house, begin these tips for deep cleaning each portion of your House to streamline the process. 

Declutter Before Cleaning 

Before cleaning the room, it’s very necessary to find a place or a store room where you can clutter the items that do not belong or are not required to the room. You can also save the stuff behind the windows or doors for another day that will help you out with the deep cleaning checklist. 

Clearing the clutter makes cleaning a little easier as the clean surfaces will motivate you to clean more. That’s what the most wanted house washing Auckland “HireTradies” suggests. 

Deep Clean the Windows

When it’s about window cleaning, it’s not a huge task. You might think it’s hectic, but all you have to do is vacuum the tracks and the sills, then spritz out the window with a glass cleaner. 

Spray the cleaner from top to bottom and then let it spray for a while. After that, you can squeeze it off. Try to wipe in one direction so it will be easier to see and fix the streaks. 

Remove Dust From All the Surfaces

Clean out all the hard surfaces like wood, furniture, shelves, etc. You can use wood and furniture cleaners for the cleaning process. Now, if you want the surfaces to be extra clean, put a cotton tube sock on your hand and start cleaning the surfaces with dust. 

Move the objects with the other hand and gently clean out the surface. 

Clean the Floors

To clean the floors thoroughly you have to move out the furniture, even the larger ones like the bed and sofa. You might need help from someone to do that. 

Now, it’s time to put out your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from the corners. Although, if you have a hard floor, clean it out with a microfiber mop. Now, coming to the carpet, clean them very carefully with the carpet cleaners. 

Though, if you have pets or children in your house, you must hire professional cleaners from HireTradies for House Cleaning North Shore. We have the extra luxurious tools, and our staff cleans every inch of your house. You just have to keep your children and pets out of the House for a while, and then, you’ll get a fresh and clean house. 

How to Deep Clean Bedroom


Wash out the bedsheets and pillow covers properly. Dry them down, and remember to dry the synthetic pillows by air-drying method only. 


Now your bed is disassembled, it’s time to clean the mattress. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress, let it sit on for at least an hour, then use the vacuum cleaner and clean out the mattress. 

Now, rotate the mattress and then repeat the process. 

Declutter the Closet

Open the closet and declutter the items that you no longer need. Like you can pull out the clothes you don’t wear. Now, put some matching hangers into the wardrobe, now your closet will look nice, and when it looks nice, you will always want it to look the same way. 

With our tips and tricks, House washing Auckland will be quite an easy task for you.

How to Deep Clean Kitchen

Clean the Appliances

Clean the fridge, and now wipe it properly. Repeat the same process for the other appliances like stove, utensils, Gas, and Dishwasher. You can also pull the appliances from the walls and clean them. 

Polish the Cabinets

Wipe down the exposed surfaces first, then cut a newspaper or shelf liner to fit inside. The liner collects dust, so you have to replace the paper next time. Next, wipe the cabinet doors front and back with wood cleaner (for painting or laminate, use warm water and a little dish soap.

You can also try the sock tube trick here: put one in each hand, spray with a cleaner and wipe in a circular motion.

Amazing Window Cleaning Checklist

  • Use a glass cleaner and wipe it with the newspaper. 
  • Clean the hard-to-reach windows with a quality squeeze. 
  • Mix the cleaner with warm water and clean the window frame by scrubbing the screen with a bristle brush. 

So, these were the amazing house cleaning tips; remember, if you don’t have the time, you can easily schedule a service from HireTradies. After all, we are best in House Cleaning North Shore and House washing Auckland.