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October 12, 2022 Automotive

CarsWreckers: Pick Up Your Old Car for Cash Today!


Have you got an old car that needs to be picked up? If so, we can help. CarsWreckers is a nationwide network of auto salvage yards that specialize in buying and selling cars. We buy your vehicles from all types of owners, including private individuals, municipalities, and corporate fleets. Our goal is to make the process easy for everyone involved: you get cash for old car quickly without any hassle or stress!

Are You Looking to Get Rid of an Old Car?

You may be wondering, “What is a car wreckers?” Or maybe you’ve been curious about how much cash you can make from selling your old car. Well, let me tell you!

A car wreckers South Auckland is an individual or company that buys junk cars for cash. These people buy vehicles that have broken down and no longer have value, as well as those that are being abandoned in parking lots or backyards by their owners. They then haul away the vehicle at no cost to the owner, except for gas money if he/she wants it towed home rather than scrapped for parts (which is what most people do).

Pick Up Your Old Car Today for Cash!

We are a reputable company, and we will pick up your car for cash. You can trust us to tow away your clunker and pay you top dollar for it! We’ll come to you with our tow truck and pull the car off of public property if necessary (and sometimes even if it isn’t). If the vehicle is too far away from where you want us to take it, just call us on our toll-free number so we can assess whether or not it’s safe enough for us to take it there ourselves (or at least make sure that no one else tries).

If you’re in a hurry, we can also arrange for a private tow truck to come out and get your vehicle. This is great if you need it to be moved right away, but the cost will be higher than with our normal services. We’ll take any junk car, no matter what condition it’s in or how much damage has been done (if any). If you have an old car that won’t start anymore, we’ll help you get rid of it so that it doesn’t sit around taking up space on your property any longer than necessary.

We Give You Cash for Your Car, No Matter the Condition.

At CarsWreckers, we pay cash for old car, no matter the condition or age. Our team of certified appraisers will look at each vehicle individually and determine its value. If you have a damaged car that needs some fixing up before it can be bought and sold, don’t worry! We have professional mechanics on staff who can take care of all repairs while they’re still in good shape.

We buy all types of cars: old clunkers with broken windows or bumpers; dinged-up luxury models that need new paint jobs; even brand new vehicles with a few minor scratches here or there (we’ll fix those too). In fact, if there’s anything wrong with your car—whether it’s something cosmetic like scratches on the bumper or rust underneath—we’ll fix it for free! That’s because our goal is to get as much money from selling cars as possible so that everyone involved gets their fair share… whether they want cash for old car now or at some point later down the line when they decide what kind of work needs doing next time around.

Not Only Is It Convenient, But It’s Also Environmentally Friendly!

You can do this from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to spend money on transport, and you don’t have to worry about taking it to the dump. It’s all done for you by CarsWreckers!

CarsWreckers is a car wreckers South Auckland that offers affordable and reliable service, so you can enjoy your new car without worrying about the cost or the hassle of getting rid of your old one. We have all the equipment to remove any vehicle, no matter how large or small! We will also pay you for your car in cash, so you don’t have to deal with any paperwork.

Look No Further. We Pay for Scrap Cars in Auckland.

If you have a car that’s been sitting in your driveway for years and needs to go, we can help. We buy all makes and models of cars, so no matter what type of car it is, you’re sure to find someone who wants to buy it from you.

We pay for scrap cars in Auckland. We buy all makes and models in any condition, so if you have any questions about our process, feel free to contact us directly!

We are open seven days a week for the convenience of our customers and make the process painless by having multiple locations throughout Auckland (including one right in the city center).


We hope you’ve found this article helpful. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on how to get rid of your old car, which include guides for selling a car privately and getting rid of it through a salvage yard. If you have any questions about our services or would like more information about any of the topics discussed in this article, please feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns!