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November 23, 2022 Entertainment



In the southeast of Mallorca, close to Santanyi and Cala D’Or, is where you’ll find Porto Petro, home to one of the most well-known Diving in Mallorca centers on the island. PETRO DIVERS has been there for almost 20 years. The diving base is close to the tiny port of Porto Petro, and the huge dive boat is just a few steps away from the base itself. The Petro Divers are the perfect place to get the scuba diving adventure off the ground on Mallorca’s stunning southeast coast. 

Fantastic nature reserves, such as the Reserva Marina Del Migjorn de Mallorca, may be found right outside the front door, as can regular diving expeditions to the island of Cabrera, which is noted for its natural park.

The divers who come here will be greeted with an indescribably fantastic underwater environment, which has already captivated many devoted divers, including some of Jacques Cousteau’s grandchildren (both in the real world and the ideal one). PETRO DIVERS is a scuba diving facility affiliated with SSI, PADI, and CMAS / VDST.


They will pick you and your diving gear up from your hotel in the new shuttle bus at no additional cost and bring you back to your hotel after you’ve finished diving. However, there are also numerous places to stay in the close neighborhood of the base, which means that you can easily begin the day with a pleasant stroll along the scenic harbor of Porto Petro and then walk to the center of the city.

The dive boat is likewise spanking new, and its 225-horsepower Yamaha engine makes it feel like a true rocket. Due to its nearly 8-meter length, it can swiftly carry up to 12 divers and a two-man crew to some of the most breathtaking dive locations in the Southeast quickly. After the dive, climbing back up the boarding ladder is a delight because it is both comfortable and wide. 

The mooring is conveniently located a short distance away from the main building. There is always the option of organizing Diving in Mallorca trips for 24 people or more parties if it is a large enough group. If you want to come with a larger group, please let us know in advance so they can make appropriate arrangements.


The PETRODIVERS are the only VDST/CMAS and Scuba Diving Mallorca base and an SSI, PSS, and PADI partner base. As a result, the courses are designed to adhere to the standards set forth by SSI, PSS, PADI, and the Association of German Scuba Divers (VDST), allowing the students to earn authentic brevets from the organizations mentioned above while training with us.

Petro Divers is a cutting-edge, well-equipped diving center with a brand-new Bauer compressor that ensures the air purity is of the highest possible standard. They can hire high-quality gear from Scubapro and Aqualung if you make the appropriate arrangements.

They have the Covid 19 certification, and you can feel entirely at ease while diving with us. In addition, they are an SSI, PADI, and VDST/CMAS partner base, and the training programs are tailored to adhere to the standards set forth by each of these organizations. As a result, you will be able to obtain legitimate certificates from each of the most significant bodies.


When people only think about Mallorca in terms of mass tourism and Magalluf, they are frequently taken aback when they see the island in the Mediterranean for the first time underwater. As a matter of fact, due to the island’s abundance of environmental parks and nature reserves, Mare Nostrum is home to some of the most fascinating diving spots in the world. In recent years, the administration of Diving in Mallorca has done an excellent job of protecting its natural environment and preserving it for the benefit of future generations.

Especially nature parks like the islands “DRAGONERA,” “CABRERA,” and “EL TORO” or the nature reserves on the east coast of the island, like the “RESERVA MARINA DE LEVANT” north of Font de Sa Cala, provide exceptional opportunities for Scuba Diving Mallorca.

Cave labyrinths that cut like Swiss cheese through the extending rock are worth many extensive dives. These caves can be reached through underwater canyons, grottos that look like cathedrals, sunken stalactite caves, and more. The underwater landscapes range from a turquoise sea to white sandy soil to protected Posidonia colonies and bizarre rock formations.