Top Social Media Sites for Business


For every business,social media is the most cheapest form of advertising and also more effective. Social media marketing is now in a highlight and liked by many. In this article we have mentioned top social media sites which are good for business.

  • Facebook – It has 2.41 billion daily active users. It has always been the top preference for social media marketing bu businesses. It has wide user base and almost used by every person. You can reach out to many people through Facebook easily. You can make your own page describing about the product and services which you offer. It gives you the option of running a campaign also, to get more likes and followers.
  • Instagram – Instagram is very popular in youngsters, but now Instagram has become a place for promoting business and also selling products. It has 500 million active users. It has extensive user base, just like Facebook. Here you can grow your followers organically. If you have advertising budget you can run campaign in it, and if you don’t have then you can send follow requests to target audience and earn followers. You can include photos and videos in the post with a caption.


  • Pinterest – If you have very creative business and related to females only then you can prefer Pinterest. It has 291 million monthly active users. You can use paid ads to boost the reach.
  • Snapchat – Snapchat allows to send photos and videos to individuals or post it to their story. It has 350 million active users, and 71% of them are under age of 30. If you want to target younger audience then snapchat is the perfect social media. You can use the paid services also.
  • YouTube – It has 2 million monthly active users. You can watch videos and also upload videos to earn. YouTube has access to Google’s advertising platform. In description also you can write about your company. Mostly interior design companies use YouTube for promoting their services and products.

social media sites for business

  • Twitter – In today’s world the craze of tweet is growing a lot. You can use this platform very wisely for your business promotion.

If you have less budget or no budget, you can use social media platforms to promote your business. We hope this article will help you to select your social media platform, which will suit you the best and require less money to invest in. Just give importance on content which you post in social media.


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