Different Types of Content Writing


1. SEO Content Writing –

Content writing is an integral part of search engine optimization and online marketing. Companies from different countries like, the USA, the UK and Australia outsource SEO to different countries, such as India. Hence, there is a boom in the market of SEO content writing in India and several other countries.

The team of content writers in the companies that do search engine optimization write articles, blogs, descriptions and so on. Relevant keywords are included in all these content by the writers. SEO professionals research and find out important keywords, before the writers can start writing on any topic. The topics of SEO content writing varies greatly like, procurement services,  watch repairing, motorcycle maintenance, roof replacement, tourist destinations, etc.

SEO content writers take utmost care to make all web content writing informative. If you think SEO content writing is the perfect option for you, you should avoid grammatical errors and maintain originality in all the write-ups. The SEO content you develop must always be lucid and precise. You must divide them into small paragraphs and write attractive headings and subheads. Moreover, you should also have the ability of delivering the write-ups within a specified time, so that SEO professionals can work on them.

2. Technical Writing –

This type of content writing is needed in computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, robotics, biotechnology, engineering, chemistry and aeronautics. Technical content is developed for user manuals, technical modules, user documents, admin manuals, help files, technical literature & reports and so on.

If you want to be a technical content writer, you must have some understanding of technologies. Though candidates from different fields can apply for the post of a technical writer, the ones who have specialized in the technological field are given preference. If you are enthusiastic about technologies, writing technical write-ups in content writing services can be an interesting profession for you.

3. Communication and Marketing Writing –

Writing for the marketing and communication sector can be one of the most challenging type of content writing. Articles, blogs, social media content, e-books, newsletters, internal & external communications, email content campaign, audio & video content and marketing collateral, such as flyers, and brochures are some of the write-ups you have to write in this sector.

The blogs and articles written for communication & marketing are different from the ones written in SEO content writing. The target of marketing articles is not only to draw customers to a particular type of writing, but also to compel audiences in taking some desired action. A lot of research among the customers of a business is conducted before developing this kind of content. The writers should regularly communicate with the team leads for creating useful marketing content.

The focus of this kind of content writers is on improving content marketing. So, marketing content is very descriptive in nature, as the idea behind their creation is to advertise a particular product and eventually sell it. Thus, the features and uses of a product must be explained in simple language to the audiences in this kind of content.

If you want to be a content writer in this sector, you must have certain skills, such as an eye for detail in designing and writing, the ability to develop attractive content, and interest in marketing. The challenges you face in writing marketing content must be overcome by using creativity.

4. Publication Based and Editorial Writing –

The writers of this sector are involved in writing books for schools, colleges and higher education. The professionals must keep in mind the curriculum of a school or college, when they write this kind of content. As online versions of  books are available in modern times, editorial writers now need to do their writing and editing on computers. They constantly need to update their web content writing, so that the online books are available to readers on the latest versions of different operating systems like, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

5. Instructional Design –

Instructional design amalgamates the techniques of publication and technical writing. As E-education or E-learning is becoming a very common phenomenon, the need for instructional designers is growing at a fast pace. It is the job of instructional designers to improve the quality of instructional material.

If you want to be a professional in this field, you must be able to create story boards, besides writing instructional materials. Whenever there is a change in technology or curriculum, writers from this field have to work hard to overcome different challenges.

The three things in which instructional designers must excel are technical knowledge, skill of creating characters and patience of developing bulk content. Moreover, they must also be able to maintain an international standard of curriculum in the instructional materials they develop.

6. Research and Report Writing –

There are many agencies that write reports based on researches in different industries. These reports generally tend to be very long and the content in them are of a very high quality. Writers from this field also have to write on current trends and their effects on people. As a report writer in content writing services you must have the ability to overcome challenges regarding subjects, deadlines and so on.

7. Writing on Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR –

Content writing is also a part of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. The CSR departments in different companies cater to social causes and engage employees to participate in them. The literature needed for activities related to CSR and the communication required to engage employees in it are the task of a content writer. For this, the writers may need to develop reports, blogs and different kinds of communication material.

8. Feature Writing –

Some of the most creative content writers are the ones who are involved in feature writing. Feature writing includes writing columns in print and digital space, short stories, satires, poems, features on food and lifestyle, and so on.

One need not necessarily be a graduate in Journalism in order to be a feature writer. Rather, what is more important in feature writing is that, you must have the ability to observe people minutely and weave stories around them. The words you use in the feature write-ups must have the power in them to cast a spell over the readers. Therefore, to be a feature writer you must have a rich and exceptional vocabulary.

In this kind of web content writing, you can also maintain a separate blog. In a blog site, you can write on different topics like, travel, food, lifestyle, seasonal festivals, do-it-yourself tips, personal care and the like. Blogs must have an impersonal style and readers must be able to connect to them on a personal level. To attract readers to your blog, you must follow certain tips. They are – the blog must have a catchy heading and equally attractive subheads, the language must be simple and the style lucid, and the paragraphs must never be too long. To write blogs, you must have deep knowledge in a variety of subjects. If you can write interesting blogs, you can easily become very popular among potential readers.

9. Business Writing –

Business writing has many similarities with marketing and communication writing. If you choose to do business writing, you must know how to write sales proposals, memos, official emails, manual writing, concept papers, summaries, RFPs (request for proposal), etc.

This type of content writing offers huge scope of growth to writers. Thus, this can be an advantageous option for you. If you do business writing for a significant period of time, you can acquire knowledge in business analysis and development. Thus, after a few years, you can rise into a better position in the office where you work.

10. Press Release Writing –

While working in a content writing agency you might be asked to write press releases. Hence, you must know what a press release is. In earlier times, press releases were developed to make customers aware of the new developments and updates taking place in a specific company or industry. Whenever businesses launched new products in the market, opened departments, expanded business, signed new mergers, opted for a marketing deal or organized events, press releases were used for making  announcements.

Over the years the use of a press release underwent many changes, although its original application is still retained by some business owners. In the digital media of modern times, press releases are a part of sales initiatives. Therefore, if you write a press release for a small, medium or large business house, you must focus on sales and marketing in your content.


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